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Student Assistant

Stockholm University

Nov 1, 2023


Jun 1, 2024

Stockholm, Sweden

About the internship

The main responsibilities of this position is the collection and use of different types of data for assessing greenhouse gas budgets of permafrost landscapes. This includes working with databases and time series of greenhouse gas and lateral fluxes as well as the use of remote sensing products and geospatial data for characterization of high-latitude landscape types. The work will include mapping geomorphology, surface hydrology vegetation dynamics and phenology, freeze-thaw spatial and temporal dynamics. The intern will further develop pan-arctic classification schemes for permafrost wetland and peatlands, related primarily to geomorphology, hydrology and freeze-thaw dynamics, and with implications for assessing monthly and annual greenhouse gas and lateral flux budgets. The intern will also be active in project management and collaboration with other partners in AMPAC and RECCAP2. This offers opportunities to form collaborations with leading international researchers from many different institutions.

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