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About PermaIntern

PermaIntern is a project led by the UArctic Thematic Network for Permafrost and is funded by the Danish Ministry of Education from September 2022 to August 2024. The program has been designed jointly by the PermaIntern partners, led by the steering committee.

Steering committee

Ylva Sjöberg, University of Copenhagen

Hanne Christiansen, UNIS University Center Svalbard

Britta Sannel, Stockholm University


University of Copenhagen
UNIS University Center Svalbard

Stockholm University

University in Oslo

Danish Technical University

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Gothenburg University

Umeå University

UiT Arctic University of Norway

Aarhus University

PYRN - Permafrost Young Researchers Network

Join PermaIntern

PermaIntern is currently under development and we welcome interested internship hosts, students, and supervisors at universities to join us for pilot internship and further development of this service. You can find some further information on the "Get started" pages in the menu above, or contact us with any questions.

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